Month: September 2014

Commercial lobster visit

Thanks to Captain Fred, first mate Tim and Tracey Abboud from Mass Lobster for hosting us on a trip out in Boston Harbor to learn more about the commercial lobster industry. These guys work hard! We were joined by Tracy from the Mass. Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife who explained all about the research they conduct to monitor the lobster population. Lobstering is a major part of our commercial fishing industry and especially on the South Shore. It was great to get a first-hand perspective and learn about some of the challenges our lobstermen face and how we can help. It was also a beautiful day to be out on the water.

Spc. Jesse Crudup Bench Dedication

A moving dedication this morning to Army Specialist Jesse Crudup of Pembroke, who fought in Iraq and served his country with distinction. His loss teaches us an important lesson that not all wounds of war occur on the battlefield.Thank you to Mr & Mrs. Crudup for sharing Jesse’s legacy with us and bringing issues of PTSD into the open. Thanks to the Pembroke Military Support Group for putting together the dedication and program and fellow speakers Veterans Agent Dave McPhillips, Legion Commander Don Kernan, Julie Caruso and Dana Bean.Jesse’s extended family was there for the ceremony including nieces Hailey and Ashleigh who gave the Pledge of Allegiance and cousins Gladys and Grace who sang God Bless America. The memorial bench is located in the Veterans Park on Rt 27.

Green infrastructure grants announcement

Hanging out at Duxbury Beach and it’s actually for work, not for play! Pleased to welcome Secretary Maeve Bartlett from the Energy and Environmental Affairs Department and Bruce Carlisle, director of Coastal Zone Management here in Duxbury to announce a second round of grant funding for the state’s coastal green infrastructure program. Duxbury benefited in the first round with a $85,000 grant to the Beach Reservation to repair the cobble berm near first crossover and launch a pilot program to establish a beach grass nursery so area towns can get grass for replanting dunes locally instead of from New Jersey or North Carolina, which is often the case now due to limited supply. Some innovative ideas to address our green infrastructure needs and $1.5 million is now available for round two of this Coastal Resiliency Program. Thanks to our state partners and tall the hard work that went into grant application from the good folks at the Reservation and Duxbury town hall. Love to see this kind of cooperation to find innovative solutions!

Veteran’s Corner with Rep. Josh Cutler

Thank you to Veteran’s Agent Bob Arsenault for the kind words. It’s a pleasure to work with our local veteran advocates to help pass sweeping legislation like the VALOR Act II to help our state’s veterans and their families. This new law, passed this session with bipartisan support, builds on the state’s already strong commitment to veterans and their families. Now military personnel attending public or private colleges can’t be penalized financially or academically by virtue of being called up for service and private employers can offer hiring preferences to veterans to help them transition back to the private sector. The law reduces and waives many professional licensing fees for veterans, adds more safeguards to protect against dubious charitable fundraising practices that often prey on veterans and their families and increases the penalties for disturbing a military funeral. I’ll be offering an update on this new law and taking questions at a special edition of “Coffee with Josh” to be held next week with the Pembroke American Legion. It’s Tuesday, September 16 from 6-7:30pm at the Grange Hall on Rt. 27. Pizza and refreshments are on me. Please spread the word!