Sen. Lesser and Rep. Cutler to Co-Chair Second Future Of Work Commission Meeting

Governor Deval Patrick to discuss his involvement in the Future of Tech Commission

On Tuesday at 11a.m., Representative Josh S. Cutler and Senator Eric P. Lesser will co-chair the second meeting of the 17-member Future of Work Commission. Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick will deliver introductory remarks. The meeting will focus on the present and future state of work here in Massachusetts, featuring presentations from IDG CEO Mohamad Ali, EOWLD Chief Economist Mahesh Ramachandran, and EOHED Secretary Michael Kennealy. The meeting will be virtual and a livestream will be available on Senator Lesser’s Facebook page.

            WHO: Representation Josh S. Cutler, Co-Chair

                        Senator Eric P. Lesser, Co-Chair

                        Future of Work Commission members

                        Governor Deval Patrick

                        Mohamad Ali, Chief Executive at the global research firm IDG

Mahesh Ramachandran, Chief Economist at the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Secretary Michael Kennealy, Secretary at the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

            WHAT: Second meeting of the Future of Work Commission

            WHEN: Tuesday, July 20th 2021 at 11AM


For questions, please contact Lilla Adams in Representative Josh S. Cutler’s office at (339) 309-8266.