Rep. Josh Cutler: Leadership that delivers results

As our state representative, Rep. Josh S. Cutler has worked hard to advocate for our district, pass important legislation, and deliver resources to reduce the burden on local taxpayers. Below are some examples of Josh’s work. Click on each town to see local highlights. For additional details please see our “Issues” page.

Working for us!
Working for us!
  • Named ‘Legislator of the Year’ for his efforts on behalf of people with intellectual & developmental disabilities including passing “Nicky’s Law” to protect the disabled from abusive caretakers.

  • Lead sponsor of Energy SAVE Act to update our energy and water efficiency standards, lower energy costs and reduce harmful emissions. Passed by House.

  • Lead sponsor of PANDAS/PANS legislation to establish DPH advisory council and ensure insurance coverage to help parents facing exorbitant out of pocket medical bills.

  • Spearheaded WorkAbility initiative to support workforce development and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

  • Named Plymouth-Bristol Central Labor Council “Legislator of the Year” for his efforts in support of working families, including passing legislation to protect collective bargaining rights.

  • Elected House Chair of the bipartisan Coastal Caucus focusing on climate, fishing, aquaculture and environmental issues

  • Lead sponsor of Offshore Tax Haven bill to close corporate tax loopholes and level playing field for Massachusetts businesses. Reported favorably by Committee.

  • Lead sponsor of An Act Relative to Equal Pay to make pay range data more transparent for employees and job applicants.Reported favorably by Committee

  • Lead sponsor of "Mass Made" legislation to promote, connect and support businesses that produce goods here in Massachusetts.

  • Lead sponsor of legislation to mandate insurance coverage for electronic tracking devices to help families safely locate individuals with Alzheimer’s who may get lost.

  • Co-led House effort to ban the discredited practice of gay conversion therapy on minors. Signed by Gov. Baker, now law.

  • Sponsor of distracted driving legislation to require hands-free use while driving. Now law.

  • As a member of the Higher Education Committee, helped pass new law to enhance financial reporting for colleges and universities and ensure that parents and students have more information about their financial health.

Here are some of the ways Josh is Working for Duxbury:

  • Josh worked with the Duxbury Bay Maritime School to successfully advocate for $1M from the Seaport Economic Council for a new Community Rowing Center & Marine Science Center.

  • Josh secured funds for the Duxbury American Legion Post so they could make improvements and upgrades to their historic building to better serve local veterans.

  • Josh added an amendment to Environmental Bond bill for Duxbury seawalls and worked with town leaders and legislative colleagues to secure $2M in state grants and loans to fund repairs and reduce the burden on our local taxpayers.

  • Josh secured state funds to help the town get a new weed harvester to keep our ponds clean in environmentally sensitive areas where herbicide use is not recommended, such as Island Creek Pond.

  • Josh helped secure funds for a regional mobile water pump for our fire departments to use in case of flooding.

  • Josh secured $25,000 in state funds to make improvements at the Keene Street fields.

  • Josh helped pass supplemental budget to fund new Safer Schools and Communities Initiative, which resulted in Duxbury schools getting $60,000.

  • Josh successfully advocated for Chapter 90 roadway program which over the past two years has delivered $1.07M to Duxbury for local roadway repairs.

  • Hosted a high school student art show at State House to showcase the talents of Duxbury student artists

Here are some of the ways Josh is Working for Hanson:

  • Josh secured state funding for renovations to Camp Kiwanee, including a new stove and repairs to roof, floors and electrical system.

  • Josh secured state funds for new chromebooks at Indian Head school and additional funding to cover remote learning and PPE expenses for the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District.

  • Josh secured funding to treat Wampatuck & Monponsett Ponds and also direct funds to the Central Plymouth County Water Commission.

  • Josh hosted a coat drive for Hanson vets, worked to boost Council on Aging formula grants and secured $25K in state funding to upgrade Hanson Food Pantry facilities.

  • Josh secured state funds for new Motorola APX portable radios for Hanson Police Department as well as multi-ban mobile radio system for Hanson Fire and Highway Departments to allow interoperability among the three agencies.

  • Josh filed and passed legislation to dedicate the Indian Head River bridge in Hanson to the late Charles W. Mann in recognition of many decades of public service.

  • Josh secured $30,000 for economic development planning in Hanson business area.

  • Josh led efforts to restore weekend commuter rail service for Hanson and add a family fare discount.

  • Josh successfully advocated for Chapter 90 roadway program which over the past two years has delivered $640,000 to Hanson for local roadway repairs.

  • Josh co-sponsored a successful amendment to provide $100,000 in state funds to spray for West Nile virus and EEE here in Plymouth County .

  • Josh worked with Federal & County officials to ensure Hanson’s eligibility for a minimum of $1,400,000 in COVID reimbursement funds. 

  • Josh helped pass supplemental budget to fund new Safer Schools and Communities Initiative, which resulted in Whitman-Hanson schools getting $60,000.

  • Josh hosted a high school student art show at State House to showcase the talents of Whitman-Hanson student artists.

Here are some of the ways Josh is Working for Pembroke:

  • Josh secured funds for the Pembroke Public Library to upgrade their computers in the Children's Department.

  • Josh filed successful amendment to deliver extra $25K to help clean up and manage Pembroke ponds

  • Josh helped pass supplemental budget to fund new Safer Schools and Communities Initiative, which resulted in Pembroke schools getting $60,000.

  • Josh secured $50,000 for Pembroke schools to make technology improvements.

  • Josh secured $25,000 for the Pembroke Firehouse Food pantry to help serve needy residents.

  • Josh secured funds for the Pembroke Police Department and Fire Department to purchase an off-road vehicle for emergency response in hard to reach areas.

  • Josh secured state funds for the Pembroke Housing Authority to make roof repairs. 

  • Josh successfully advocated for Chapter 90 roadway program which over the past two years has delivered $1.12M to Pembroke for local roadway repairs.

  • Josh co-sponsored a successful amendment to provide $100,000 in state funds to spray for West Nile virus and EEE in Plymouth County .

  • Josh worked with Federal & County officials to ensure Pembroke’s eligibility for a minimum of $2.3M in COVID reimbursement funds. 

  • Josh filed and passed legislation to dedicate a square in Pembroke to the late 'Tiny" Brown in recognition of his many decades of community service.

  • Josh filed amendments to provide extra $100,000 for Pembroke remote learning expenses and $70,000 for Pembroke Senior Center as part of a COVID relief bill.

  • Josh secured $25,000 in state funds to make improvements at the Mattakeesett Street fields.
  • Josh organized and hosted a high school student art show at State House to showcase the talents of Pembroke student artists

Here are some of the ways Josh is Working to address impacts of COVID-19:

Josh has worked with his colleagues in the House and Senate and Gov. Baker’s administration to take a number of important steps to address COVID-19, including:

  • Expanding your voting opportunities so no one has to chose between their right to vote and their health. This includes vote by mail and expanded early voting options.

  • Making it easier and faster to qualify for unemployment assistance

  • Expanding tele-health care services for primary care, behavioral health, and chronic disease management.

  • Protecting homeowners from mortgage foreclosures

  • Providing tax relief to small businesses

  • Requiring better health & testing data for elderly and other vulnerable populations

  • Support our restaurants with delivery fee caps & expanded take-away options


Endorsements: Organizations
Endorsements: Individuals

What local residents are saying about Josh:

“Josh had his team have been doing a great job of keeping his constituents posted on not only COVID-19-related matters but on issues that directly impact the communities within his district, as well. Kudos on a job well done!”
––Tanya D. Trevisan, Duxbury


“Josh has provided invaluable assistance working with the town and state officials to resolve the traffic issues in our neighborhood. Josh listens and works to find the best resolution, monitoring the progress, and alerting residents with updates.”
––Beth Ann Bailey, Pembroke


“Josh is the real deal. Always there before you need him, and for sure when you need him. We are 100% behind Josh.”
– Stephen Golden, Pembroke


“Josh Cutler is always diligently working on behalf of his constituents. In addition, he keeps us informed about legislation and ongoing concerns. I feel he works in our best interest”
––Pam Blades, Pembroke


“Josh has consistently updated his constituents with news from our town and from the State House but has been wonderful with daily information related to the COVID crisis. He’s visible and approachable. He cares for the school system, the students, and elders hosting office hours in the senior center. I value his work on local environmental issues, protection for people with disabilities, and securing funding for local roadways. I will be voting again for Josh Cutler!”
––Nancy Brown, Hanson


“As a local business owner as well as a citizen active in various causes in our state I have always been able to rely on Josh Cutler to both listen, communicate back to me promptly, and act when needed. He is a level headed person with the ability to communicate across the aisle.”
––Skip Aluisy, Pembroke


“The bottom line, Josh does his Job well for all of the Residents of his district. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. He is reachable and will listen to your concerns. We could not ask for a better or more dedicated State Rep. working for all of us.”
––Michael Nee, Hanson


Josh is a tireless advocate for the Duxbury Public Schools. He is always a welcome sight at our functions, brightening the room with a story and a smile. We are fortunate to have Josh as our dedicated Representative!
––Kellie M Bresnehan, Duxbury School Committee


I have lived in towns where the State Representative was rarely seen. That's not the case with Josh Cutler! He's been there at every public meeting I've attended since he was first elected and has answered every one of my emails. He walks the walk and gets things done and I'm proud to support him!
––Stephen K. Donovan, Duxbury


When I needed help with a State agency, Josh responded immediately! But, beyond my personal needs, Josh is a leader. His positions on issues in government align with values that enhance life in MA. His primary focus is to make the world a better place by making Massachusetts a better place”
– Kevin Black, Hanson


“Josh cares about his community and the people he serves. I support Josh for State Representative.”
––Michael Rotman, Duxbury


“Josh goes out of his way to play a role in the communities he represents. He is excellent at disseminating information. In particular, he regularly uses social media to pass along notices from the Town of Hanson and has been a reliable source for information about the Coronavirus pandemic.”
–– Don Teague, Hanson


“Josh is committed to improving the quality of life in his district and beyond. Joanne (Democrat) and Wes (Republican) support him whole-heartedly.”
–– Wes and Joanne Blauss, Hanson


“Mr. Cutler has been an advocate for Duxbury over the years and I want to see him continue.”
–– Richard Kettyle, Duxbury


“Josh stands up for what is right and what is best for our district Vote Cutler in November”
–– Tom Finnegan, Pembroke


“Josh makes government work the way it is supposed to work. I taught US History and Civics for 32, and Josh is a great example of the type of public official I was proud to teach about.”
––Carl Meier, Duxbury


“Josh has been a great supporter of small business. He has communicated and championing federal and state programs. His communication during the COVID crisis and summaries of daily briefings has been informative and reassuring. His office was also able to successfully assist family members in navigating the unemployment system. He has done a phenomenal job and I am grateful for his continued representation.”
––Barbara Arena, Hanson


“Josh Cutler takes every one of my calls and returns them when he is not available. He has been THE clearest communicator during this stressful pandemic. I am always confident that Josh is informed, on top of the issues and doing what needs to be done.”
–Teresa Sheedy, Pembroke


“Josh is an amazing asset to our community.”
–– Megan Driscoll Greenstein, Duxbury


“Josh works hard for the people of Pembroke, Duxbury, and Hanson. He has represented us well during the coronavirus pandemic and has proposed legislation that has been to the benefit of the people and business in our district and beyond.”
––Kairyn Rainer, Pembroke


“Josh’s office has helped me with a serious problem with Comcast to a successful solution.”
––Joan Wool, Pembroke


“Josh continues to work for the crucial issues of our time, such as governmental transparency, gender pay parity, and climate change.”
–– Lauren Salters Gillenwater, Pembroke


“Josh Cutler doesn't forget our seniors, working-class, and those in need in our communities. His weekly newsletter with local updates during the Covid-19 quarantine was invaluable. He kept us accurately informed of all the latest relevant information as events unfolded!”
––Kathy Tamulevich, Hanson


“Josh has been a great representative of the town of Pembroke. He is responsive to requests and has been instrumental in keeping our town informed during the COVID-19 crisis. We need him as our state rep.”
–– Janet LaBerge, Pembroke


“Waiting to hear back from the office that I sent Forms to , two months went by with no Response , I called Josh. Within six days I got reply from the office and everything worked out very well thanks to Josh Cutler…”
– Bridget Payne, Duxbury


“Josh Cutler has been supporting us on the south shore for years, so it was not surprising when his helpful messages started arriving regarding Covid-19 numbers. I thought it was terrific because there was no hyperbole, no theatrics, just the numbers. Josh continues to inform the members of his districts and to support us--with intelligence, enthusiasm, and action. What more could we want?”
––Joan Edgar, Duxbury


"Our family has known Josh for over 6 years now. We first met him as our oldest child joined his summer group for high schoolers to learn about our state government which ended up influencing her choice of major. Josh and his team also helped dig us out from that horrible winter in 2015 while my husband was deployed. Josh's record in the state house show an active concern for the people and economic issues of our district and a thoughtful, wise involvement in statewide issues ( Please consider re-electing Josh as our state representative. He has already done so much for our district!"
--Susan Moran, Pembroke


“Josh Cutler is an amazing representative of the town of Hanson. His commitment to his district is never-ending.”
–– Marguerite Hearn, Hanson


“You can not meet a politician with more heart and personal dedication to his constituents. Josh Cutler is one of us, always working to make our lives safer and happier. I could go on for days about what he has accomplished in this role for us here locally, but I will sum it up by saying if there were a mold public servants should be made from then he is it.”
– Patricia Strait-McGrath, Hanson


“Josh is an incredible community leader and legislator. I interned with Josh the summer before my senior year of high school and got to see just how many impactful bills he puts forward and how focused he is on our community. Josh is a real do-it-all kind of guy, able to fight for important systemic change on issues like campaign finance and labor, and at the same time pushing for the grants and easements to send back to our district to support our schools, infrastructure, and local economy. I have met a lot of legislators at events all over the state, and I can tell you, there’s nobody like Josh Cutler.”
–– Nicholas Adams, Pembroke


"Thank you to Josh for the daily updates on Facebook when the Coronavirus started. It was very helpful and it showed he really cares!
-Jennifer Huntly, Hanson


"I have worked with Josh for the better part of 10 years. He is one of the most attentive, if not the most attentive legislator on Beacon Hill. His focus is consistently with his constituents and their needs. He has a can-do attitude to get things done and he gets things done. He is an asset to his district and I feel we are lucky to have him fighting for all of us!
- Kyle Harney, Pembroke

"Josh is an outstanding Rep. if you have a question that needs to be answered he will get right back to you. Josh will fight the big fight and he will get the jump done."
– Tom Finnegan, Pembroke


“Josh has the experience and dedication to represent us well at the State House”
-Becky Coletta, Pembroke


“Josh has deep roots in our district and is well versed on our issues. Josh takes time to talk with constituents to understand their concerns and does research so he can find solutions. He works collaboratively with those in his party and those across the aisle. Josh truly cares about his constituents and works tirelessly to make government work effectively.
- Karen Wong, Duxbury



"Josh is accessible, knowledgeable, and hard working. As word was spreading about the coronavirus in early March, I emailed Josh to help me sort through the information and misinformation, to understand what was happening at the state level, and for his opinion as to the severity of what was just before us. He replied to me immediately, not only with information from the State, but also with genuine concern and care. As an Independent, I vote for the person not the party. Josh has proven to work on the issues, represent the people, cross the aisle, and remain transparent. He represents what is right about government. He has definitely earned my vote once again."
– Heather Edwards, Duxbury


"Before I moved to Duxbury, I had no idea who my state rep was! Josh is very present to his constituents and helps with everything from helping to fix potholes to checking on power losses in neighborhoods. During the hight of Covid shutdown , Josh kept us all informed about what was going on with the efforts and put together. a spreadsheet to report on data in a meaningful way before the state did so! Elect the guy who will go out of his way to help you."
- Luba Gilpatric, Duxbury

"During this entire Pandemic Josh has made sure that his constituents had daily, sometimes hourly, updates. This was no easy undertaking and is so deeply appreciated. Josh has our votes!"
- Kim Ledin, Duxbury

"Thank you Josh for your service to our community and the other communities that you represent."
- Peter and Meghan Quigley, Duxbury

Josh has been a great representative for the Town of Hanson. He’s supportive of town activities, is always available to answer questions, and goes out of his way to help the people in his district. I’ve lived in towns where you literally never hear from your state representative. That’s definitely not the case with Josh Cutler."
–Catherine LeFrank, Hanson

Josh has worked hard to address many of the important needs within our towns. He shows up and he puts the time and effort in to try to effect real change. I am especially impressed with his work to support individuals with disabilities with achieving their rightful place in our communities. I have also seen him work collaboratively and well with other legislative members no matter what their party affiliation. Josh has the right values and he knows how to get things done.

– Casey Seaman


Endorsements: Organizations

Rep. Cutler is proud to have earned the support of a broad array of organizations and individuals. Here is a partial list of supporters. To sign up as a supporter and add your own reasons for supporting Josh, please visit our page here.

  • Massachusetts Nurses Association
  • Mass. AFL-CIO
  • Ironworkers Local 7
  • Laborers Local 133
  • Carmen’s Union Local 589
  • Mass. Voters for Animals
  • Mass. Organization of State Engineers and Scientists (M.O.S.E.S.)
  • IBEW Local 104
  • Mass & New England Laborer’s District Council
  • Teamsters Local 25
  • Local 4 Operating Engineers
  • Plumbers Local 12
  • Plymouth Bristol Central Labor Council
  • Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Investigator Association
  • Sheetmetal Workers Local 17
  • 1199 SEIU
Endorsements: Individuals

James Tuffo, Hanson
Richard Nickerson, Pembroke
Carol Langford, Duxbury
Judy Shaulis, Pembroke
Kelly Pavidis, Hanson
Lorraine LaRocca, Pembroke
Fred L’Ecuyer, Duxbury
Cynthia Ladd Fiorini, Duxbury
Priscilla Chandler, Duxbury
Margaret M. Kearney, Duxbury
Stephanie Callanan, Pembroke
Sarie Booy, Duxbury
Carolyn and Larry Schindler, Duxbury
Diane Tobin, Pembroke
Amber Watson, Pembroke
Bill Clay, Hanson
Lynn Atkins, Pembroke
Erin Payne, Pembroke
Claire Bezdek Gochal, Duxbury
Patricia Loring, Duxbury
Jennifer Kyle, Pembroke
Kathleen DiPasqua-Egan, Hanson
Michael Jones, Hanson
Jim Armstrong, Hanson
Margaret Westfield. Hanson
John and Michele O’Connell, Duxbury
Elizabeth Eddy, Pembroke
Nancy Chadwick, Duxbury
Melissa Killham, Pembroke
Judi Vose, Duxbury
Kathryn Bray, Duxbury
Anne Marie Papandrea, Duxbury
Katie and Todd Brill, Duxbury
Karen O’Brien, Duxbury
Kim Panton, Duxbury
Tammy Kirk, Duxbury
Abby Cirincione, Duxbury
Dan Llanes, Pembroke
Kate Whitney, Pembroke
Evelyn Stapleton, Duxbury
Elika Dadsetan-Foley, Duxbury
Kerri Moran, Pembroke
Rachel Teevens, Pembroke
Karen O'Brien, Duxbury
Tris Nuland, Duxbury
Alexander and Emmy See, Duxbury
Catherine LeFrank, Hanson
Birgitte Collins, Duxbury
Bob and Lisa Blout, Duxbury
Courtney Viveiros, Duxbury
Sarah Kossmann, Duxbury
Evelyn Auer, Duxbury
Kelsey DeWold, Duxbury
Michael Brett, Hanson
Deb Driscoll Spinetti, Pembroke
Lauren Sirois, Duxbury
Danielle & Jed Lowry, Duxbury
Maxwell McDermott, Duxbury